Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Yoga Teacher Training: Creating Myself

I went and done it: applied to and was accepted into the Advanced Yoga Studies/200-hr Teacher Training course at True North Yoga down in Schroon Lake.

Beginning October 5, for one weekend plus one-half day per month for six months, I'll be traveling down to Schroon Lake to take my yoga practice deeper, learn more advanced techniques, and  eventually, earn my 200 Hour Teacher Training Certificate.

If you want the truth about the matter, I'm just as scared as I am excited about this new venture. It's never easy to learn new things about yourself, and I'm not sure what I'll discover or if I'll like what I discover.

But we are all works-in-progress, and if we don't seek out new experiences, challenge our beliefs and our bodies, and look for opportunities to grow, well, there's not much point in living a life like that, is there?

So, I'm heading down to Schroon Lake a couple of times when I can fit it into my schedule prior to October (I'll be traveling in July, August, and September) to learn the lay of the land, get to know the teachers, and get some more experience.

Between now and October, I'll also be working harder at developing a steady home practice, with the first step being trying to carve out a little sacred space in this teeny tiny house of ours.

Life should be an adventure!

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