Monday, July 1, 2013

Yoga On the Roof

We took the canoe out for a paddle on Sunday morning before it started raining (again - it's been raining for a week solid up here, with maybe a 12 hour break when the sun came out on Saturday afternoon), and I was thinking about a place to do a yoga pose outside.

Colden kept asking to go to this one lean-to that we saw from the middle of the lake because it had a ramp, so figuring that it was a good time for a snack, we pulled in and got out the food.

After the snacks, I went around to the back of the lean-to to see if I could scramble up on top. At first, I was a little nervous that my Tevas would slip around on the shingles, but once I got up there, it was all good.

Except for my balance. I had thought about jumping into extended side angle stretch (one of my favs), but I didn't feel like I could stand up on both feet without losing my balance, falling down, and breaking my neck out in the middle of nowhere, New York.

So, once I was comfortably seated, it was half lord of the fishes pose. Tom took the picture with my phone, and Colden was standing down below, showing off his muscles.

It's one of my favorite photos, ever.

Where do you take your yoga?

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