Saturday, July 13, 2013

Smile: It's Only Yoga

Boy, if there's one thing I'm guilty of, both in yoga class and in life, it's of taking things too seriously. Yes, I have a sly and sometimes wicked, warped, or twisted sense of humor, I fall back over and over again into the trap of taking myself too seriously.

During my self-practice the other day, I realized about fifteen minutes in that I was actually frowning as I stood in Tree pose. Woa, I thought! What's going on here? It's a beautiful summer day, it's not too hot, it's not raining, there's a lovely breeze blowing, and I'm on my beautiful back porch, standing with ease and grace on my yoga mat.

What gives?

I've noticed it in class, too. When Robin suggests a pose that's a little challenging, I can almost hear the folks around me grunting their way into it. And then holding it? The entire room is charged with the struggle to concentrate and hold the body still in this pose.

And that's when Robin reminds us: give a little smile. Laugh. It's okay if you fall over.

It's only yoga, right?

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