Monday, September 16, 2013

Writing is Like Yoga

Yep, it sure is. Sometimes it ebbs, sometimes it flows. Sometimes, I just have to force myself to sit down at the damn computer and write. Sometimes, I find myself awake at 3 a.m. and writing like a crazy woman. (Of course, those 3 a.m. days usually mean that I'm a zombie for the rest of the morning until I drop Colden off at kindergarten, but, whatever...)

So, what have I been doing this last week?

I've discovered that my home practice is most definitely developing nicely. We had a couple of very warm, sunny, sweaty days where I chucked a couple of yoga mats out under the box elder tree in the backyard (two mats, because I live in fear that another ginormous earthworm will crawl its way up onto me as happened once while practicing some impromptu sun salutations on the freshly-mowed grass one afternoon - I am positively terrified of worms, and the bigger, the more terrifying) and did a good one-hour practice all on my own. There were even a couple of days when I actually didn't want to go to the studio to practice because I wanted to practice at home! (Of course, part of treating the anxiety with me is getting myself actually OUT of the house and interacting with other people, so, going to the studio can be important for me.

And speaking of the studio...

This past weekend, I participated in a 2-hour workshop where we went through the entire Ashtanga primary series. I went right along with it, doing what I could, modifying where the poses weren't accessible to me, and inserting my vinyasas in all the right places. At the end of the practice, I was exhausted, elated, and felt just a little bit "high". I had my Ashtanga practice manual by David Swenson in front of me so that I could follow along and find the right modifications for the poses as we went through the flow.

It was an amazing experience: there were probably 14 of us, all different ages, one man and the rest women, all different body types, different levels of flexibility and strength, but we moved together, we breathed together, and we rested together.

I'm also counting down the days until my advanced yoga studies/teacher training begins on October 5. To say that I am giddy with excitement is an understatement. The more I practice, the more I want to know...

But, the whole thing about yoga is like writing? Yeah. I need to do it every day. Which means I need to finish up this little "warm up" and get down to the nitty-gritty. Later!

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