Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Practice Log: Blissful Hips

Wednesday mornings are the Blissful Hips class at Yoga Tree, although Robin told me this morning that this class may be on the chopping block. Kind of a bummer, because I really like the focus on opening my hips and working on loosening my hamstrings.

Kind of funny this morning, there were only two students - me and someone else - and the other student had her adorable little dog with her. She put the dog outside in the car (don't worry, it's still only like forty degrees in the morning), and for the first ten or fifteen minutes, that little yappy dog yapped and yapped! I just laughed - it was cute.

Still feeling a burn in the opposite thigh when I do some of the lunges, so I'm wondering if I need to be focusing more on strengthening that back leg. Goddess pose was a little challenging today, too - burning in the tops of BOTH thighs, had to take a break and straighten the legs at one point so I didn't fall down.

Left class feeling very fresh and light and ready for the day. Also felt very, very hungry, even though I had my favorite spinach, tomato, cheese, and mushroom omelet for breakfast with a side of potatoes. Is yoga supposed to be an appetite stimulant?

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