Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Compassion Project
Last month in one of our yoga teacher training sessions, my delightful friend Margaret told us all about a friend of hers back in Davis, California, named David. David is a social activist for compassion. For the last few years, he's been at the same corner in downtown Davis, California, notebook and pen in hand, asking ordinary people to share with him their definition of compassion.

David's work has resulted in a book, and now he's taking his experiences on the road, working on another book as well as organizing a cross-country tour of the United States, looking to visit cities where there is compassion-based work going on.

You can read all about David's work on his blog, The Compassion Project, and become a part of the conversation from anywhere through his Compassion Network on Ning.

If you want to donate to help David cover the costs of his compassion tour, you can also donate - any amount - on his GoFundMe page

The work David is doing is so important. I feel like understanding the nature of compassion is essential to the human experience. There are so many different ways to feel and experience compassion, all of them important and profound. So take a few minutes to read David's blog and learn more about the project, and if you know of any cities where compassion-based work is being done that would make a good place for David to visit on his compassion tour, contact him through one of the links above!

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